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You can call on us to for your fire-rated doors and frames, and we can also service them for you.


Not sure what to do? Or what is legal?

Call us and our certified AHC can help to make sure you stay within the laws and up to code.

Call 816-257-5218 for all your entry way needs!

Do you have a problem door?

One that always seems to slam, won't close or seal properly? We can help! With some of our products carrying a lifetime warranty, we can install it and you can forget it.

Get your annual inspection from us

We can also provide an annual inspection of all openings, making sure codes are met with each opening and noting potential issues before they become problematic. With our 24/7 service, we can also handle repairs for break-ins... no matter what the hour is.

24-Hour Emergency Number



  • Commercial doors – Hollow Metal Frames & Doors/Wood Doors: Commercial/industrial walk-thru doors, builders hardware

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